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Discover inspiring personalities sharing their great stories where they dared to be them.
Dare To Be You is about knowing to listen to yourself, meeting inspiring people and facing your fears.

FRIEDA video - DARE TO BE YOU - feels
#1 - F R I E D Λ
👑 Singer ¦ Songwritter ¦ Performer 👑
💘 Empowering Everyday Sheroes 💘
IG : @i.am.frieda
Zak video - DARE TO BE YOU - feels
#2 - Z A K
✂️ Crafter-DIY-Well-Being Dancer 🕺🏽
💛 Love-Joy-Kindness 💛
IG : @zakadit
Sophie Trem video - DARE TO BE YOU - feels
#3 - S O P H I E
🕵️ Entrepreneur-Well-Being Researcher 🔮
💡Things always happen for a good reason 💡
IG : @theotherartofliving
Sophie Trem video - DARE TO BE YOU - feels
#4 - F A B I E N
🎭 Polymorphic actor - Mirrors renter 🤔
🇫🇷 Óptima Esperanza 🇦🇷
IG : @fabien.caleyre
Arthur Vlog Street Art video - DARE TO BE YOU - feels
#5 - A R T H U R
📺 Street Art Discovery Maker 🎨
🎭 Take the masks off 🎭
IG : @arthur_vlog_streetart
Arthur Vlog Street Art video - DARE TO BE YOU - feels
#6 - J U L I E N
👨‍🎨 Painter & Art Director 🎨
👉 You just have to start 👈
IG : @juliencalot

is a series of video portraits of inspiring personalities coming from various backgrounds: music, street-art, dance...

All of them tells us how they dared to face their doubts and fears to start doing what they really wanted, and became the person they wanted to be.

Daring to be you is a first step to meet new people that actually matter to you!
It's what we believe at feels, the app where everyone reveals their personality so that each discussion and each date really matters!

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